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Q & A with the Azura Concierge Team

The reception area of a hotel in the Caribbean offers guests a warm welcome and luxurious amenities.

What is the advantage of speaking to a concierge over searching the Internet? 

All of our front office team at Azura, including the concierge, are long-time Bermuda residents with deep knowledge of the island and are always happy to share tips about local favorites. We want our guests to have an authentic experience of Bermuda, beyond the enclave of our resort life. 

What do you enjoy most about being a concierge? 

Because we love our island home, it excites us that we get to match the local offerings with each guest’s needs. From something as simple as finding that perfect boat charter, to organizing a private candlelight beach dinner for two, anything we can do to make our guest’s holiday memorable is what our brand is known for.

boat in the water
A white palm leaf against a green background at the Bermuda Residences.

How would you spend your ideal day off?

Being Bermudian, we play it by ear, and it always depends on the weather. You will always find us on the water during the spring and summer months. Exploring the beaches, renting a motorboat, kayaking, or snorkeling. Finishing off with a long lunch or dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. The fall and winter months are the time for exploring beyond the beaches and trying out new things. All the rage right now are the new electric car options. Rent a Twizzy or Rugged for the day and choose to explore the full expanse of the island. Stop off at a pub and get to know the locals. If you are looking for a more active trip, try a game of golf, bask a tennis court, a walk on the Railway Trail, go diving (the best visibility is during our winters), or our personal favorite – try yoga on the beach. 

If a guest is only in town for 48 hours, what would you recommend for the perfect itinerary?

Rent a moped or electric vehicle, as it will give you the independence to travel around and get the most out of your 48 hours. Try an island drive from Dockyard in the West to St. George’s in the East. For dinner, try one of our favorite local restaurants, and you must try the award-winning Art Mel’s for the BEST fish sandwich.

jeep rentals
A white palm leaf against a green background at the Bermuda Residences.

What would you say is indigenous to your hotel’s particular spot? 

Our turquoise waters, so clear you can see to the ocean floor, and at Azura, we have a front-row seat. Your own private beach, with boiler reefs in close swimming distance. Boilers are small, generally rounded reefs that extend to the sea surface and have waves continuously breaking over them. This makes the water look as though it is boiling. They have an abundance of sea life, making them the perfect place to snorkel. You may even spot a ray or some of our local parrotfish!

Can you recommend anywhere unusual of off the beaten track?

Until the early 1890s, people got around Bermuda the same way they’d been for centuries: on foot, horses, or by boat. But for a brief period, trains came to the island, laying the foundation for what has become today’s meandering island-wide trail. You can’t ride the rails anymore in Bermuda, but you can ride the Railway Trail. It was designated as a National Park in 1986, and with a rented bicycle, one can explore the island’s hidden gems. It’s easy to come on and off the trail for a lunch or tea break.

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A white palm leaf against a green background at the Bermuda Residences.

How can a guest best use the concierge services to their full potential? 

It is best to plan ahead, especially in the busy summer months! Please email us at with your vision of how you would like to spend your holiday with us. We will be happy to offer suggestions for enjoying a personalized Bermudian holiday. 

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