Residency Options

An aerial view of Auckland, New Zealand.


Any visitor can stay in Bermuda for up to 90 days. However, if you purchase residential real estate on a hotel property such as Azura or Nautilus, you can usually reside up to 363 days a year.

In 2020, Bermuda also launched the popular one year Work From Bermuda Residential Certificate to align with the growth of digital nomads and remote-working trends globally. This program is in addition to the standard Permission to Reside on an Annual Basis option.


For those with a longer term interest in residing in Bermuda, there’s a welcome recent initiative where individuals who invest at least $2.5M in the economy or real estate have the right to reside in Bermuda for five years and are eligible – and are eligible permanent residency indefinitely after that time (including the right to seek local employment). It’s called the Economic Investment Certificate and the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) has set up a dedicated concierge service to work with those interested. Learn more on the BDA’s website.

Any of Bermuda’s major law firms can help you find the best residency plan for you. Furthermore, when purchasing property, your local attorney will help you file all of the necessary residency applications.