Why Bermuda?

Your New Lifestyle Awaits

An aerial view of Bermuda real estate.

A timeless destination

Beyond being a playground of sun and sea, Bermuda is one of the most sought-after islands to reside in. With 21-square miles of stunning natural beauty and colourful island culture, Bermuda offers so much to explore.

Unwind on powdery-soft pink beaches, tee off on one of its many world-class golf courses or explore trendy restaurants and shops along Hamilton’s waterfront.

There’s a reason that Bermuda has been voted the “Best Island in the Caribbean/Atlantic” 18 times since 1994 by Condé Nast Traveler readers!

An aerial view of a golf course by the ocean.
A white palm leaf against a green background at the Bermuda Residences.



Bermuda has always been a safe and secure destination from a political and economic perspective, driving international confidence in our island’s future. Day to day, Bermuda offers a safe, sophisticated and welcoming local culture. We’re an English-speaking community that uses US Dollars for equal value to the Bermuda Dollar.


Bermuda is an internally self-governing British overseas territory with a parliamentary government. Out here, our rich Bermudian heritage, which incorporates many nationalities, comes together with the best of British charm to create the perfect island atmosphere. 


Arrive here in as little as 90-minutes from major hubs; our convenient proximity to the United States is incredibly appealing. Bermuda is only a 2 hour flight from Boston, New York, and Philadelphia and under 3 hours from Toronto, Atlanta, and Miami. Flights to our new London Heathrow connection are 7 hours and there’s a new flight link with Portugal—making varied destinations in the UK and Europe more accessible than ever. 

Be sure to check out Bermuda’s new airline, BermudAir, which launched in 2023 and offers service to Westchester (NY), Boston and Fort Lauderdale.

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A couple standing on a hill overlooking a harbor and boats, enjoying the bermuda scenery.
Colorful houses on the shore of a body of water in Bermuda.

Bermuda’s advantageous geographic location between North America and Europe combines with its financial and regulatory landscape to create an environment of unparalleled access and convenience, making it a compelling destination for global business. Bermuda is a hub for numerous markets, including insurance and reinsurance, and is known as the “world’s risk capital.” Many respected global firms have bases here, including all “big four” accounting firms. Our sophisticated international business community adds to the desire to own, live and work in Bermuda.


There are several paths that allow you to spend much of your time in Bermuda, including new initiatives for long term living and working. With the recent introduction of the Economic Investment Certificate and the Work From Bermuda Certificate, establishing residency on the island has never been easier. More information can be found on our Residency Options page. 


Whether you’re planning on buying a second home base, looking for the best place to retire or choosing your next vacation spot, you’ll probably want to think about the weather. Luckily, Bermuda has comfortable sub-tropical year-round temperatures, and you will never find snow, frost or ice. The months of May to October are great for enjoyable swims, snorkeling and sunning on the beach. 

The rest of the year, November to April, remains in the 60s and 70s with less humidity, making it ideal for outdoor pursuits – whether golfing, playing tennis or just going for long rambles is your thing.  Our December holidays are celebrated on the beach with a picnic and a bottle of champagne, and you’ll never have to reach for that puffer jacket. So, in Bermuda, you’ll be able to stick with your active lifestyle all year round!   


Sports Tourism continues to attract world-class athletes for major annual events such as: PGA Golf Tournaments, The America’s Cup, Sail GP, the World Triathlon Series, the Newport to Bermuda Race and Marlin Fishing Tournaments.

A tennis court with palm trees in the background, perfect for a Bermuda vacation.
A beach with pink water and clouds at sunset, perfect for a Bermuda vacation getaway.
An aerial view of the bermuda residences.